Community Update #1: Pricing, Roadmap, Vision


⭐ Updates on: pricing, roadmap and vision

⭐ Our ask: any thoughts you can share 🙏


We are here to help you become Notion automation wizards. With your feedback and support, we can make this tool more powerful for you and the entire Notion community.

On the agenda:

💳 Launching our first premium plans

🗺️ Product roadmap

🔮 A bit from our vision for Notion

💳 Launching our first premium plans

We're excited to launch our first iteration of premium plans! As always, we plan to learn from your usage and feedback and ship improvements continuously.

This change will go live in the next few days. We're available if you have any questions!

🗺️ Product roadmap

This update is a great opportunity to share some of our plans for improving the product. In the near-term we'll be focusing on these key themes:

  1. ⚡ Fast triggers
  2. 🔎 Better filters
  3. 🦸‍♀️ Better actions

Fast triggers: our current refresh rate is 5-10 minutes. We will gradually ship optimizations, aiming for near-instant.

🔎 Better filters: our filters will gradually become as effective as Notion's table filters (and perhaps even better). Examples on our minds:

  • More property types: dates, numbers, relations, etc.
  • More operators: on or before a date, doesn't equal, greater than, etc.
  • Multiple conditions: AND and OR operators

🦸‍♀️ Better actions: we'll make the most common actions native to the:gist, so you don't have to augment with other automation services, and it'll be cheaper and easier to use. Examples we're considering:

  • Slack integration
  • Updating properties on the triggered page
  • Creating new pages

🔮 A bit from our vision for Notion

We want to help Notion become a robust and reliable choice for businesses of all sizes that are looking for a tool that will be their "Business OS".

We're focusing on two main objections we've seen so far, as ones we believe we can make a difference in:

🤖 Automations and integrations: so Notion will no longer be an information island and require manual data entry, but rather the center of automatic information flow.

🏋️ Less setup and maintenance: you should not have to work hard to implement advanced use cases, but rather have a plethora of "plug and play" solutions that are easy to find, setup and use.

For example, if you want to manage your hiring pipeline in Notion, you shouldn't have to work hard to find a great template, and then set up your own automations — it's too time-consuming and inefficient. It should be as easy as using world-class hiring software.

👐 How you can help

We'd LOVE to hear from you - help us shape our roadmap to solve your automation challenges:

Thank you!

David, Dan & Elad

Elad Mallel

Co-founder & Product